February 17, 2012

A rainbow of workout tops

A reader and friend mentioned that a previous post on workout pants led her to a pair that allow her to workout in comfort without.  Especially with the scent of spring in the air and new year's resolutions about getting fit still abounding, a new workout outfit may be just what you need to enjoy the fresh air.

These items are my latest haul in affordable and Islamically-approriate workout clothes.  Everything is on sale, so quantities are limited which means you should act quickly!  Extra bonus: use code LKS12247 to get free shipping off $75!

These tops are slightly longer in length and range from $21 to $45, coming in vibrant colors and high-performance fabrics.  All of these tops offer lightweight, sweat-wicking capabilities that make a big different in warm weather workouts!  Layer them for a little bonus coverage!

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