December 31, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I've never been a fan of the cold but I've always been a fan of sweaters.  Bulky, oversized, chunky, warm, cozy, soft, fleecey sweaters.  They're super easy to wear as a Muslim woman, or really - ANY woman - but with the added bonus of modest style and usually in fashion!

This photo came across our Pinterest feed recently, and of course, I had to repost.  It's a cute style for any Muslim woman and translates well at any age - from fashion-risk high schooler, to style-developing college student, to chic and sophisticated post-20s.

Here's our take on some easily accessible items to complete this modest Muslim wardrobe mix up!

Just a few extras

December 17, 2012

Happy first birthday to us!

Just a quick note that today is Greater Length's birthday!  I should be studying for a final (working full time leaves little time or motivation to study but alas, it must be done!)  Thank you to everyone who has been with us over the past year and watched us grow!  We're looking forward to a great second year and lots more features, clothes, and modest styling to come!

December 13, 2012

At first I was like, No thanks, but now I'm all, Yes please


If you'd asked me about wearing it a year ago, I would have responded with, "why would I want to look like an upholstered couch?" but lately, I've been thinking, "That couch would make one cute pair of pants!"

I have converted, for no other reason than damn, it's stylish.  It's so retro and mod yet so fashion forward and modern.  It's also a classic fall and winter texture, one that makes this ever-so-blah season sparkle with a little bit of depth.

While lots of jacquard items come in the form of short cocktail dresses that us Muslim women generally don't wear, many great other pieces exist for us hemline-aware ladies (one such is that ridiculously priced and ridiculously awesome pair of jacquard J.Crew pants above).  Check out our modest, Islamically-appropriate, Muslim fashion forward picks below.

Style these pants with a shift dress, or something with a similarly square shape, for that ultimate Mad Men inspired look.

Pair these tops with your favorite wide-leg trousers (in wool!) for the ultimate winter, Muslim women style!

December 12, 2012

FAVORITE FIND: Hoodie by Zeba Ramos

We found this shop through our friend Asma at Haute Muslimah and immediately fell in love with this oversized, overly long tunic hoodie designed by Muslim designer Zeba Ramos.  In addition to being large, warmy and cozy - as all hoodies should be - Zeba produces all of your clothes in the US.

For only $20, it's a steal and a sure-fire favorite in your closet!

Tunic Hoodie by Zeba Ramos

December 11, 2012

[Modest Gym Clothes] A Muslim Woman/Workout Fanatic's Dream Closet

I am a workout fanatic and it's time that I own up to it. I have been a CrossFitter for almost 3 years (ask me and I'll tell you how much I LOVE CrossFit!), I've run three official half marathons (there's a funny story about running the Seattle half marathon unofficially), two full marathon (still stinging about the canceled New York City Marathon, or else it would have been three!), and can talk about my 1 rep max with the rest of them. I look forward to my 3/week gym visits, weekend long runs, and even lifting groceries to see how heavy a weight I can carry.

But I am a Muslim woman, and that makes gym wear a challenge. You guys know what I'm talking about. Everything is tight, short, cropped, or fitted. And it stinks. The cute, adequate coverage stuff is expensive (Lululemon, I'm looking at you!) and resorting to a cotton t is not fun, especially where technical fabrics are so much better (I love you, sweat-wicking materials!). It's frustrating for sure and many of you feel the pain.

So here's the deal: we've found you some modest gym and workout clothes for you, our Muslim gurlfriends. We want you to buy it and wear it at the gym, on your next run, to your next yoga class, to bootcamp, or even to CrossFit. Let Nike, Under Armour, Asics, New Balance, and other fitness and sportswear companies know you want more modest coverage! Greater Lengths is here to help you amplify your voice! We want Muslim women to be more physically active without having to worry about their workout clothes riding up or things being too tight at the gym. Let us know what you think of these finds. Insha'Allah, I'll be seeing more of you at my next 5k, beautifully covered in modest gym wear and pacing me on the course!

One of our loves - long Adidas gym pants. Fitted at the leg but flowing out to a bootcut ankle.

Sweat-wicking material is wonderful. Wear these bra tops under a cotton tee or another workout top for more modest coverage. These all extend past your waist to make your more comfortable and provide peace of mind while working out.

More performance workout pants for Muslim women and other women who prefer modest, loose-fitting pants when they exercise.

Finally, a few good tops, also with longer hemlimes, and made of sweat-wicking technical material for the best workout ever.