December 30, 2011

Loving It: Ankle Pants

Ankle pants are the perfect compliment to the ever-growing in popularity ankle bootie, and suddenly make highwaters cool again.  Check out this outfit for a bit of European style to your wardrobe.  It's a perfect look for whether in the office or dinner with some friends.

The sweater retails at Dillards for $49.  The pleated pants are available from Calvin Klein and wool flannel pants are available through Coldwater Creek, both retailing at $49.99. Finally, the gray booties are available on for 29.97.  Don't forget to shop through Ebates for an additional 3-5% back from Dillards and Coldwater Creek!

Loving It: Floral Blouses

As winter settles in on the east coast, I yearn for spring colors and cheerful lightness.  If you too want a pop of spring in the middle of the winter grayness, opt for these floral printed blouses to tuck under your blazers.  These have been layered with longer dresses to offset the shorter hemline, but still add Islamic coverage.

The blazer and pants are currently on sale at Bloomingdales, both priced under $50.  Click on any of the images below for retailer information, but remember to shop through Ebates for an additional 3-8% back in cash.

[MODEST GYM WEAR] Long Tops for the Long Haul

Long tops are non-existent when it comes to working out - or so we thought! We were able to find a few of these elusive items in not so uncommon corners. A few are purely active, while others could double as casual looks.

Run like the wind!

You responded and we listened!  Many of you advised that "workout clothes" are often the toughest to shop for.  I understand the frustration!  Searching for looser fit, more-coverage providing athletic clothing is figuratively one of the smallest needles in a large haystack.

I can attest to all these brands and the pants listed here.  The fabrics of these are lightweight and sweat-wicking - essential for those of us who start glistening as soon as we hear the gym's music.  Click on the images below to check out other features of these pants.  Sports tops will come next.

December 29, 2011

New Year's is the time to shine!

While I'm not a fan of New Years (instead, I prefer to party like it's 1999 on my birthday), all the sparkly, sequin-y stuff that comes out at this time of year is fun to fantasize wear. If you are looking for an outfit for a fancy or casual night out, include sequins for that festive oomph. Here are a few options to get you going. Click on the images to be taken to the retailers site, but remember to purchase through the Ebates link located on the side for an extra 2% to 10% cash back!

The gray dress from Sugarhill Boutique is on sale at Asos for $45 (plus 3.5% cash back if you purchased through Ebates.  The shoulders of this dress have sequin detail, which a long-sleeve t-shirt could help highlight.  Pair the gray with a rich gold or mustard-colored layer for added shine.

Here's another one if you're heading for a night out on New Year's. You can substitute the black and grey t-shirts listed here for ones in your wardrobe, and add boots or a pair of wedge heels to finish the look . Click on the images below to be taken to the retailers site, but buy through Ebates for an additional 3% to 8% off at Kohl's, Piperlime (for the dresses), and Mango (for the ts and colored leggings).

And finally, this is a look that goes from casual to flashy in no time - all you need to do is change up jeans for leggings. This is where those staple boots come in handy. If you shop through Ebates, you can get another 3% back on your spending at either Dillards (dress) or Bluefly (7 for All Mankind jeans).