December 17, 2011

Loving It: European Pants

Have you guys heard of the "European Pants"? Yeah, they're new to me too. Essentially, they are pants that make it acceptable to have a looser fit around your thighs and rear, and fitted towards the ankle - perfectly awesome for the averagely conservative American, Muslim woman. Kind of the like the opposite of bootcut. Don't get them confused with skinny jeans, either, that are fitted the entire way. I've recently become a champion of the European cut. Here's a pair I love from, for $29.00. I think you could probably work these sweater dresses into the outfit. The gold is from Macy's and the purple is from Target. Remember to show through Ebates for an extra 3.5% back from Yoox, 10% back from Macy's and 30% back from Target. (see Ebates link to the left)

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